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Edelman was instrumental in the creation of this chamber music series in the historic library of William Andrews Clark. Sponsored by the Department of 17th and 18th Century History at UCLA, the series hosts high quality chamber music in an intimate, European style atmosphere.

Edelman and his staff worked with Virginia Robinson in the late seventies to facilitate the gift of her home and gardens to Los Angeles County. The gardens are considered one of the region's cultural gems and are maintained by an active and dedicated volunteer organization.

Shortly after the reapportionment of 1990, when Edelman's district was extended west to Calabasas, he learned that a recreational facility in the city had been left to deteriorate and was scheduled for federal auction. Responding to the need for funding, Edelman won support of fellow supervisors to put Proposition A on the ballot, which allowed the county to sell bonds for the purpose of developing cultural and recreational projects. As a result of the passage of Prop A, he was able to provide three million dollars to the City of Calabasas for the purchase and renovation of the tennis facility. It is now a treasured recreational venue and was later named in his honor.

Edelman played a key role in the 1983 relocation of the historic Lasky-De Mille Barn, Hollywood's first major film studio. Winning the support of the Philharmonic Association, he facilitated the move of the boarded up building, then situated on the Palace Theater parking lot, to the southern end of the Hollywood Bowl parking area. The barn was restored and now houses the Hollywood Heritage Museum.

Highland Camrose Bungalow Village
Fifteen historic bungalows (once home to famous movie stars such as Laurel and Hardy, Marilyn Monroe, and Tyrone Power), adjacent to the Hollywood Bowl, had been neglected and were set for demolition in the late eighties. Edelman persuaded the County Department of Public Works to acquire, preserve and improve the property for visiting artists, Hollywood Bowl offices and public picnic areas.

In appreciation for Edelman's role in the expansion and relocation of the Colburn School, and in recognition of his own love of chamber music, the school's chamber music program was renamed the Ed and Mari Edelman Chamber Music Institute.
The Institute offers one of the most comprehensive and intense pre-college level chamber music learning experiences of any music school in North America. Ensembles from the Institute have been prizewinners in prestigious competitions, including the Coleman Chamber Music Competition and the Young Artists Peninsula Music Festival, and have appeared on the nationally syndicated Public Radio International series From the Top.

Established by Edelman in 1986 in honor of his revered professors at UCLA, the aim of the series is "to bring together the worlds of academic exploration and practical politics to illuminate discussion of the broader principles and ideas of representative government". Edelman was a featured speaker in 1995; the documentary film about his life and career was screened for the series in January, 2013.

In his late seventies, Edelman was diagnosed with CBD, a rare, degenerative neurological disease -- similar to Parkinson's Disease, but more debilitating and rapidly progressive. Cure PSP/CBD is an organization that provides support to patients and their families and promotes research toward a cure for CBD and other similar diseases.

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